Welcome to the unfolding story line about an art brand born in the streets of New Orleans.

This is not a clothing line and it is not just a T-shirt. Kids with Krowns is the product of multiple tries and years of learning and practicing screen-printing and graphic design. KwK was started as my own personal movement to exhibit what I have learned and experienced throughout my life. With this brand, I will show you how I get art from my brain to your frame.

The name Kids with Krowns was chosen to represent this product because of the exact words that make it up. The definition of /kid/ is: a child or young person. The mentality behind the whole brand is to be young. It’s simple. It’s representative. We would all love to go back to that simple time of being a little kid and not having responsibilities. That’s how I feel Basquiat represented his work. The techniques he used were simplistic and child-like and that’s what allowed him to escape in his own mind and create such powerful images and colors. Jean-Michelle Basquiat was the reason I chose the three point Krown to top off the two K’s. He would integrate this particular image of a crown as an ode to his heroes and as a sign of respect. The definition of Crown is: the top or highest part of something. This brand was started to reach the top of my goals. I also believe that his mentality was to show his work no matter whoever liked it or disliked it. That same mentality is what inspires me to not hold back on my designs. I design to express myself and to be satisfied with what we create.

When I started this particular brand in 2010 I had no clue how to get the ball rolling. I just knew that I had a product and I had to get it out to the people. So, I packed all the merch that I could and stuffed it into a backpack and made my way out to the streets of NOLA. I would go out wearing one of my newly printed designs and people would compliment me on my shirt. They would then proceed to ask where they could get a shirt like mine. I would then proceed to open up my backpack with the fresh merch and ask them what size shirt they liked. As I was showing them what I had available I would also give them a background on my story and what I was trying to achieve. This slowly, but surely, gained my interest and the interest of friends and people who kept their ears to the streets. After backpacking it for a while, I then stared setting up a table and a clothes wrack. I was doing that on a regular basis, still trying to get my message out to anyone who wanted to listen. Since then, we have been featured in music videos, filmed and edited our own mini commercial. KwK is also available through websites like Nolafitted.com We were a part of the first issue of Mask Magazine based out of Brooklyn, NYC and have gained recognition with the art markets around New Orleans.